Studier i William Heinesens lyrik



Published Jan 1, 1970
Harry Andersen


The author's studies in the poetry of William Heinesen (»Arktiske Elegier« 1921, »Høbjergning ved Havet« 1924, »Sange mod Vaardybeu 1927, »Stjernerne vaagner« 1930, »Den dunkle Sol« 1936 (2nd ed. 1965), »Digte i Udvalg« 1955 — (»Hymne og harmsang« 1961 is considered as a not too succesful experiment) — concentrating about a series of words and expressions concerning strength and movement (together with composita): vild, vildsom, storm, svimmel, afgrund, gys, ve, afsind (cf. Otto
Gelsted), harm(e), han (the use of harm(e) and hdn is exceptional in Danish poetry). Contrary to these words we have some mild ones: myg, solel (cf. Johannes V. Jensen). The author points out a series of literary traces, specially from Johannes V. Jensen, Thøger Larsen (together with Otto Gelsted) and Ludvig Holstein. The poetry of Thøger Larsen has been of a particular great importance for W. H. (for instance words like afgrund, svimmel, vildsom, nu and evighed).

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