Faroese An Overview and Reference Grammar



Published Feb 24, 2012
Höskuldur Thráinsson Hjalmar P. Petersen Jógvan í Lon Jacobsen Zakaris Svabo Hansen


Faroese is a North Germanic language, currently (in the year 2004) spoken by less than 50.000 people on the Faroe Islands. The islands are situated in the North Atlantic between Scotland, Norway and Iceland.

This book is intended as an overview and reference grammar of the modern Faroese language. It is intended for everybody who is interested in Faroese, such as university students and teachers of linguistics and languages (especially the Scandinavian ones), researchers who are interested in the Faroese language and its relation to the languages most closely related to it, and even for native speakers of Faroese. As can be seen from the table of contents, it covers the relationship between Faroese orthography and phonetics, phonology, inflectional morphology, derivational morphology, syntax, dialects, and the history of the Faroese language. It also contains extensive bibliographical references, both after each chapter and at the end of the book, and is thus much more comprehensive than any previously written grammar of Faroese.

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