Dorete - her book Being a tribute to Dorete Bloch and to Faroese nature



Published Nov 26, 2010
S.A. Bengtson Paul Buckland P.H. Enckel Anna Maria Fosaa


This book is a tribute to Dorete Bloch, PhD and Professor in Zoology, from long time friends and colleagues.

Dorete is known to most of us for her combination of tremendous enthusiasm for all aspects of the natural history of the Faroes
with a level of hospitality that few could hope to achieve.

She started her academic career in Denmark, but moved to the Faroes in 1974. She became very rapidly involved in scientific
activities in the islands – in many fields – and acclimatized quickly to local conditions. She has become a leading person in scientific work in many areas.

She has lectured at the University of the Faroes for many years and was appointed Professor of Zoology there in 2001. In 1980,
she was appointed head of the Zoological Department of the Faroese Museum of Natural History and was its Director from 1995 to 2009. She defended her PhD thesis on the long-finned pilot whale at the University of Lund in 1994.

She has been representative for the Faroes of the Scientific Commission of NAMMCO (North Atlantic Marine Mammal Committee), a new Nordic Arctic research programme, and an expert in the North Atlantic Research Programme. She is also the Managing Editor of Fróðskaparrit (Journal of the Faroese Scientific Academy), and member of several scientific and advisory boards.

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