High Inorganic Carbon Extraction Capacity of Submerged Macrophytes from Soft-water Faroese Lakes Vatnplantur í føroyskum vøtnum við bleytum vatni taka lættliga ólívrunnið kolevni upp



Published Jan 1, 1999
Tom Vindbæk Madsen Jens Bagger


Submerged aquatic macrophytes from ten Faroese lakes with an alkalinity between 0.16 and 0.8 meqv L"1 were collected and their inorganic carbon extraction capacity determined. Among the 26 species tested, about onehalf had a high carbon extraction capacity consistent with possession of a carbon concentrating mechanism. The other one-half showed characteristics consistent with diffusive C02 supply and C-3 photosynthesis. Despite the low alkalinity of the Faroese lakes and, thus, low bicarbonate concentration, the species employing a carbon concentrating mechanism were able to exploit the bicarbonate pool of the water. No relationship between lake alkalinity and carbon extraction capacity of the plants was observed.

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Natural Sciences