Saussurea alpina (L.) DC. Subsp. alpina (Asteraceae) -Alpine Saw-Wort: A New Record from the Faroe Islands Saussurea alpina (L.) DC. Subsp. alpina (Asteraceae) - Loðin fjallatistil: Nýggj skráseting úr Føroyum



Published Jan 1, 1999
Anna Maria Fosaa Jonas E. Lawesson Martin Sykes


A new record in the Faroe Islands, Saussurea alpina (L.) DC. Subsp. alpina, the Alpine Saw-Wort or Loðin fjallatistil in Faroese, was discovered in August 1999 on the island of Streymoy. It was found in an environment parallel to those in mainland Europe, where it is found on two main biotopes which are: the mountain areas in a large part of Europe and the coastal areas of northern Scotland and the Shetland Islands.

The small population of this extremely rare plant species in the Faroe Islands is either a new member of the Faroese flora, or the last remnant of a formerly more dispersed and numerous species that is now on the verge of extinction, perhaps due to climatic changes or grazing intensity. The discovery of the Saussurea alpina in the Faroe Islands expands the known area of distribution of this species. It emphasises as well the necessity of comprehensive surveys and planning in the development of
future nature protection and management regimes.

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Natural Sciences