Notes on Xestia alpicola ssp. atlantica nov. (Lep., Noctuidae) on the Faroe Islands



Published Jan 1, 1996
Svend Kaaber


In 1956 a female of the boreal moth Xestia alpicola was found for the first time in the Faroe Islands on Eiðiskollur, Eysturoy. Since then the moth has been eagerly searched for during the years 1990-95. In 1996, three males were caught in a light trap on Kunoy and another male was observed on Viðoy. The findings and habitat claims indicate that the species on the Faroes is restricted to arid mountain slopes 300-600 metres above sea level. The restricted Faroe material is quite uniform in apperance and is described as a new geographical subspecies, ssp. atlantica.

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Natural Sciences