Species of the algal genus Vaucheria on the Faroes



Published Jan 1, 1996
Tyge Christensen


Species of the algal genus Vaucheria (Tribophyceae) form mats of thin filaments on the ground often at the base of flowering plants. They can be found at places like sides of brooklets, on roadside ditches, and in salt marshes. Samples from such places were collected on Eysturoy, Streymoy, Suðuroy and Viðoy in the first half of July 1994. Only a few Vaucheria species have hitherto been reported from the Faroe Islands. New records for the archipelago reported in this study are: V. aversa, V. canalicularis, V. frigida, V. medusa, V. prona, and a species referred to the V. geminata complex being V. trigemina-Yike.
The paper also includes comments to V. coronata and to V. dillwynii and V. hamata earlier reportcd as V. pachyderma var. islandica andW. uncinata respectively. In addition three Vaucheria parasites have been encountered: the rotatorian Proales werneckii, the plasmodiophoralean Woronina glomerata, and the chytrid Zygorhizidium vaucheriae.

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Natural Sciences