Measurements ofsea bottom temperatures between the Faroe Islands and Iceland and between the Faroe Islands and Shetland 1906-1962 using telegraph cables



Published Jan 1, 1993
Vagn Erik Michelsen


Resistance measurements are reported from a cable between Tórshavn in the Faroe Islands and Seyðisfjørð on eastern Iceland and a cable between Tórshavn and Burwick in Shetland. The measurements were performed at monthly intervals until the second world war and quarterannually after that. When combined with information on splicings after cable breaks the resistances may be used to determine average bottom temperatures of the water along the cable tracks. The long-term variations of annual mean temperatures may be doubtful due to occasional offsets, possibly associated with cable breaks; but
the seasonal variation appears more reliable and exhibits interesting features that may shed light on the behaviour of anomalous periods (Great Salinity Anomalies) in the Iceland-Shetland region.

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Natural Sciences