Invasion afadmiralen (Vanessa atalanta L.) og andre sommerfugle pá Færøerne i 1992



Published Jan 1, 1993
Svend Kaaber Peter Gjelstrup Dorete Bloch Jens-Kjeld Jensen


In 1992 several lepidoptera migrations were registrated on the Faroe Islands. A large-scale invasion of Plutella xylostella L. and Vanessa atalanta L. occurred around May 20 , which also included Pieris brassicae L. (2 observations), Colias crocea Fourcr. (one observation), Inachis io L. (4 observations), Aglais urticae L. (one observation) and Nymphalis antiopa L. (2 observations).

In early June a small-scale invasion of Cynthia cardui L. was observed. In September other long-distance migrants were found a.o. in light traps, including 2 Agrius convolvuli L. and I Mythimna unipuncta Haw., together with 5 Agrochola circellaris Hfn. and 2 Rhizedra lutosa Hb. The three lastmentioned species, C.crocea, P.brassicae and an introduced Pieris rapae L. are recorded from the Faroe Islands for the first time.

Based on meteorological data during the period of invasion, the spreading of the species from Southern and Central Europe to the Faroes have been discussed. Field observations on the migrant V. atalanta after arrival demonstrated a distinct hill-topping behavior on mountain peaks 400-650 m above sea level. During the summer a strong larval generation evolved in many places with sheltered stands of Urtica dioeca. However, in August and early September only 9 indigenous adult specimens were encountered. A later increase in the Faroese observations was ascribed to wind-spread specimens from the southward autumn migration in Continental Europe.

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Natural Sciences