Faroese Spade-Cultivation, Reinavelta, Its Practice, Function, and History



Published Jan 1, 1991
Sofus Christiansen


An analysis of the cultivation practice of reinavelta has been reported, based on direct observations and documentary filming.
Ecologically, reinavelta has been shown to be very well adapted to the humid and relatively cold climate. It has also been proved, that although the Faroese spade-form, the haki, may look relatively simple, it is in fact extremely well suited to reinavelta. The 'adaptational quality' of an implement can only be judged in relation to its function. Haki is an integral part of reinavelta. The scarce material would indicate a relatively late development of the rei'nave/ía-practice. It is possibly an analogous form of the 'ridged field' cultivation practice, specially developed and adapted on the Faroe Islands.

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