Nye fund og iagttagelser af de færøske karplanter



Published Jan 1, 1991
Hans Guldager Christiansen


This article deals with some new findings and observations of the vascular plants in the Faeroes. At first the botanical survey in 1960-61 of Kjeld Hansen (1964) and his collaborators is mentioned, and the distribution maps which were one of the results of this work are discussed. Then 24 species found at one or more localities not mentioned in the distribution maps are discussed. 15 of these species were found at islands from where they have not been reported before, and one single species is new to the Faeroes (Heracleum pubescens). The reason why it is relatively easy to find species, that are not in accordance with the distribution maps, is discussed. It is supposed to be due partly to the investigation method used in 1960-61, and partly
to the fact that Kjeld Hansen carried out his investigations almost 30 years ago.

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Natural Sciences