Eitt íkast til eina fjølbroyttari mynd av sjónleikaframførslunum á føstulávint 1889 Um leikrit eftir Súsonnu Helenu Patursson



Published Jan 1, 1989
Malan Marnersdóttir Simonsen


The article describes the play Veðurføst, which was the first Faroese play performed on stage. It was written by Súsanna Helena
Patursson, but no complete text exists. There are, however, manuscripts for four roles, and these are used as the basis for an
attempt to reconstruct the play in its entirety and to suggest the themes contained in it. The article ends with a discussion of the place of Súsanna Helena Patursson in the cultural consciousness, and in particular, the reasons for her being forgotten, ignored and excluded from cultural history.

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