Hvussu eigur kirkjumálið at vera?



Published Jan 1, 1989
Petur Martin Rasmussen


There were two main schools of thought concerning the question of church language and what form it should take.

1. One school favoured a Danish-influenced language which was as close as possible to the spoken language of the time. Many
people supported this view, among them the politician, Oliver Effersøe, and the parson, Th. Sørensen, but only Victor Danielsen
translated accordingly.

2. The other school believed that the Faroese language should be cleansed of all non-Faroese elements, particularly Danish ones. Advocates of this view included Hammershaimb, Jógvan Poulsen and A.C. Evensen, but the chief proponent was Jákup Dahl, who gave Faroe Islanders the language of their church and bible.

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