Navnagávan á føroyskum miðum



Published Jan 1, 1977
Mortan Nolsøe


The article considers the naming of Faroese fishing grounds encountered in the traditional inshore fishing. The introduction traces the collection of names of fishing grounds from the time of Svabo to the present day and the author's own extensive collection covering all the islands. In the main body of the article, Parts /—///, the author suggests some general categories of names based on his own collection. In the first part he deals with those fishing ground names in which the main element is
either a word which denotes a fishing ground (miS n., plinkurlplinki m., strát n., pass n., repp n., leið f. etc.) or refers, in some way, to the topography of the fishing ground. In the second part he deals with fishing grounds which have acquired their names either from their shore bearings or from a place nearby on shore. In the third part, names of fishing grounds are dealt with which have no toponymic element either referring to a fishing ground or to the shore which can be seen from the fishing
ground. Often, it is difficult to interpret these names since we know the background of so few. However, when we do know the stories of their origins, we obtain a picture of the life of the inshore fisherman at sea and on shore, both in jest and in seriousness.

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