Etniska särdrag i den färöiska folksagotraditionen



Published Jan 1, 1970
Åsa Nyman


ln this article the author gives a short extract from an as yet unpublished study of the folktale tradition of the Faroes. The extract is taken from the chapter dealing with the ethnic characteristics of the folktale tradition of this group of islands. To begin with, she gives examples of how the shape of the tales has been influenced by the environment and she suggests underlying geographical and historical factors. She then points out the necessity of clarifying the function of story-telling
in Faroese community life in order thereby to find the reasons for distinctive characteristics as regards e.g. choice of subject and narrative method.

In her study of the ethnic characteristics of the Faroese folktale tradition, the author thus includes both ecological and functional viewpoints, but also points to the cultural evaluation of the folktale and story-telling in the Faroese community as an ethnic characteristic, tracing in the latter particularly one of the reasons for the distinctive nature of the folktale in the Faroes.

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