Lucas Debes og Torfæus



Published Jan 1, 1970
Agnete Loth


In two of his works Torfæus refers to information given by Lucas Debes that the Færoese claimed to have been descended from a Scottish king, whom Torfæus identifies with Porsteinn rauðr, son of Auðr djúpúðga. The Færoese tradition mentioned by Lucas Debes may have arisen from a knowledge, in earlier times, of Laxdcela saga, which must have been known in the Fseroes, since an episode in it is the source of a Færoese ballad, 'Kjartans tættir'. 

In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries was recorded a legend about a Scottish princess who is said to have come to the Færoes and acquired descendants there, but there can be no certainty that there is any connexion between this tradition and the old one.

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