Fríggjadagstrúgv og fríggjadagsnøvn



Published Jan 1, 1970
Jóhan Hendrik W. Poulsen


The present paper deals with the special Faroese cutstom of giving children born on Fridays names with phonetic similarity with the name of Friday, those names being originally Frederik and Frederikka (Danish forms, because the parish registers were written in Danish). An investigation in order to make an attempt to date the origin of this naming custom demonstrates that it is not older than the second half of the 18th century; the first child with such a name demonstrably born on a Friday was born on May 20, 1785 á Uppsølum, Borðoy. In addition examples are given of popular belief concerning the Friday, showing two opposite conceptions: According to one a child born on a Friday will be safe from withcraft, and the other, which is more widespread, claims that Friday is an unluky day to embark upon a new enterprise, to put on a new garment the first time, to stand out to sea first time in the year and the like.

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